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>> The American Oak Story

In 1916 Frederick Vorm & Charley Vorm set up a preserving operation to process oak leaves and named it American Oak. The preserving method originated in Europe processing beech leaves. North Judson, Indiana was chosen as the location for the processing plant because of the abundance of oak trees. In the first years, American Oak only sold oak leaves and operated from May through November. Charley Vorm, a tinsmith by trade, then sailed back to Denmark for the winter months. From 1928 to 1935, other foliages were added to the processing method, requiring year round operations. Those additions generated a long period of expansion through the 1930’s.

Charley Vorm traveled around the world searching for new products through the 1950’s. He became one of the most renowned big game hunters in the world. He hunted all corners of the globe for animals as diverse as polar bears, kuda, lions, tigers, elephant and gazelle.

In the 1950’s his two sons, Fred and Nels, were brought into the operation and in 1959 Charley “retired” in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 1962, Nels died in a plane accident and Fred took over the operations. In 1972, Charles Vorm, son of Nels, started working at American Oak, and became the President and Chairman of the Board in 1985.

Still today, Charles Vorm is the President and Chairman of the Board and now has his three daughters also working at American Oak. As the market changes, American Oak continues to expand. While still manufacturing in Indiana and Mexico, American Oak now imports many products from all over the world including Kenya, Italy, India, China, the Philippines and many others.

American Oak prides itself on remembering and celebrating its past, but more importantly, we anticipate the future. We look forward to continued success and thank our customers for continued support and loyalty.
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